Well...we have come to the end of another year. Certainly wasn't uneventful. How did your business fare. Mine was up and down. I was running all around in many directions.

How many others experienced this ?

Too many prospective clients are taking too long to decide and being too particular about who to hire. As you wait for a decision, you don't know how to proceed or how can help
How many of you out there have experienced this ?

I have been dealing with a person who doesn't pay my fee, won't give me a straight answer to my queries, and has an office staff of one who among other problems doesn't know how to answer a phone. I am fed up with dealing with these losers.

Also I have discovered that many businesses don't realize bookkeeping is a task that can't be performed
Though I am using quickbooks and simply accounting for my contracts I occasionally faced with contracts which using older applications. I am capable of quickly understanding new applications, but I depend on accurate reference materials. I am looking for information on peachtree and caseware. Can anyone help ?
I don't support large ads published on a daily or weekly basis. However, advertising is necessary. You can't depend on networking and word of mouth alone. You should not let others speak for you.

I will put an ad in the local newspaper once every 2 to 3 weeks. I am the best person to describe my business.
We have all seen those ads on tv; a lawyer offering help to get a good settlement from a personal injury case, or better settlement in a divorce.

Those lawyers have been critcized for doing such ads. The criticism is that lawyers should not advertise. Don't turn the law into a retail venture. I agree that most of the ads are silly.

I would ask the critics: How else can you get your name out
Arthur Anderson's involvement in the Enron scandal has seriously damage trust for accountants.

I have been negotiating with several clients who have grilled me in regards to my qualifications. When I begin working on their bookkeeping, a lot of time is spent organizing sloppy records.

Companies would rather have cheques and invoices in total disarray than pay an accountant to maintain accurate
I got an email today from someone who forgot to sign their name so I can't give them proper credit. However, here is their answer to the question why need to fill out a TD1:

"The form is completed by the employee for the employer because the employer does not know the specific tax status of the employee(s) nor would she/he because they don't know what an employee is affected by.

The purpose of