Mortgages made simple with BrentThe banking blunders that snare young people Roma Luciw, Globe & Mail March 27, 2012These are tough times for twentysomethings. Having racked up massive debt, they are leaving school with scant job prospects and an expensive housing market, not to mention uncertain economic conditions.When it comes to bank accounts, something everyone has, the trick is to avoid
In The Swingby CliveRight“Whenever I hit the golf ball with any club it will always go right. I have tried to close the face, aim left a little bit more but it still goes right. Can you tell me what I’m doing wrong?Ryan”Dear Ryan,If all your clubs are going to the right, even with a closed face at address, without doubt there is one common denominator: you are hitting up at the ball.Your address
In The Swingby ClivePhysics“Hi Clive,Do you have something that defines more technically the position of the body relative to the focal point of the swing at the moment of contact with the ball. I was ok with the instruction I guess my expectation was something that describes in more detail how and what, using physics, will get me to "hitting down on the ball. Shawn Clemens talks about the
In The Swingby CliveGeese ControlIt is not unusual to write about eagles, or birds in general, when writing a golf column, but today’s column has a little twist. Many golf courses around the world see their fair share or birdies and eagles, plus what they consider to be more than their fair share of… geese.Geese can be noisy, they can congregate in great numbers around a golf green, but their
Mortgages made simplewith BrentGreat news for consumers as Fed’s direct lenders to standardize penalties and provide more tools and info.After class-action suits and a lake of client tears, the federal government moved Sunday to force banks to clarify their prepayment and penalty terms.“The Code is to ensure that federally regulated financial institutions (lenders) provide enhanced information in
In The Swingby CliveSandI was playing golf on the Wii today. It was only the second time I have even played Wii golf, and I have to say I was impressed with the game. Any shots I pushed on screen felt like push swings, and if I over-compensated by turning my hands over (with the controller) the over-compensating resulted in a hook, as it would in a real game. The only downside – and I am biased –