In The Swingby Clive Percentage“Dear Clive, When I play well, I can drive about 250 yards and can play well with my irons. I just want to know how to play those shots all the time and not 60% of the time. Thanks,Jim”Hi Jim, Your letter caught my attention because I think the answer is something most golfers could benefit from. Your initial reaction to my initial answer may upset you, but I think
Mortgages made simple with BrentBuying a house? Don’t go to the bank use a Mortgage BrokerMetro April 25, 2012I sold my property last week and I’m in a mad scramble to find a new home. With my wish list in hand and a pre-approved mortgage under my belt, I’m confident I’ll eventually find what I’m looking for.Much to the chagrin of my financial planner, a bank employee, I’ve decided to use an
In The SwingBy ClivePlay Your Own GameOften – far too often – the kind of advice I am about to dispense falls on deaf ears. The golf industry has so much in common with the weight-loss industry it is eerie; golfers desperately want to get better, but they want to do it while eating whatever they want. I know pounding a drive is fun, but the sensation is so temporary compared to a good score. I
Mortgages made simple with BrentBank of Canada holds prime steady againCanadian Real Estate Wealth, April 17, 2012A domestic economy regaining ground alongside its U.S. counterpart wasn’t enough stimulus for the Bank of Canada to increase its key overnight rate Tuesday, with the growing threat of global oil prices and uncertainty in Europe encouraging it to maintain the status quo.“Overall,
In The Swingby CliveMore PuttingI have received a number of questions regarding putting, so I am going to try here to cover a few of the most common ones. When it comes to putting, unlike much of the rest of the game, personal preference and feel come in to such a degree that it is difficult to say “you must do this” or “always do that”. Therefore I am going to address questions that I feel do
In The Swingby ClivePuttingIf The Masters tells us nothing else about the game of golf, it certainly tells us the importance of putting.To my dying day I will never understand why the average golfer does not practice his or her putting more – or, at all. It’s fun! What can be nicer than standing on a perfectly manicured putting green, in the sunshine, beverage of your choice nearby, gently
In The Swingby CliveDriver, 3-Wood“Can you explain to me why my 200 dollar driver goes just as far as my 80 dollar 3 wood? 3 wood loft: 15 degrees; driver loft: 10.5. 3 wood shaft length: 42.5; driver shaft length: 46.5. Can it be that I’m way more confident hitting my 3 wood which I never had any problems with, and I’m not confident at all with my driver? What else can be the problem?Pat”Dear