Though I am using quickbooks and simply accounting for my contracts I occasionally faced with contracts which using older applications. I am capable of quickly understanding new applications, but I depend on accurate reference materials. I am looking for information on peachtree and caseware. Can anyone help ?
I don't support large ads published on a daily or weekly basis. However, advertising is necessary. You can't depend on networking and word of mouth alone. You should not let others speak for you.

I will put an ad in the local newspaper once every 2 to 3 weeks. I am the best person to describe my business.
We have all seen those ads on tv; a lawyer offering help to get a good settlement from a personal injury case, or better settlement in a divorce.

Those lawyers have been critcized for doing such ads. The criticism is that lawyers should not advertise. Don't turn the law into a retail venture. I agree that most of the ads are silly.

I would ask the critics: How else can you get your name out