How secure is your on-line securityby Robert6 Ways You Are Vulnerable On Wi-FiWhether you are on your home or office network or seeking out a free connection on public Wi-Fi, there are known risks that can be managed simply by using a wireless VPN. #1. Outdated operating system-critical security patches. When an operating system is released, it often is secure—or at least as it can be for the
The Importance of Project Planningby PerryTeam building, are exercises worthwhile?Team building is a hot topic for any leader. Permanent teams or temporary teams work better when they work together rather than as individuals doing common work. So why do team building exercises fail to bring the team together?Team building - the sum is more than?When a team works cohesively they can produce more
How secure is your on-line security
by Robert

What’s a Wireless “Sniffer” and Why Should I Care?

A sniffer is a software program used by IT administrators to monitor network usage, investigate network problems, investigate network misuse and abuse, identify configuration issues and determine the state of a network’s security. Sniffers ultimately decode the data so it is readable in words,