In The SwingBy CliveTiger at the Presidents CupI pretty much, deliberately, (try to) avoid writing about Tiger Woods. So much is written about him. Too much, is written about him. Worse, too much is written about him when he is not playing well. When he was on a tear, and firmly at the top of global golf, who could resist talking about him? He was amazing, his play was amazing, and his future
In The SwingBy CliveRandom Thoughts on the Presidents CupOne of my favourite golf events is the Presidents Cup, which starts this week in Melbourne, Australia. It is being played on one of my favourite golf courses, Royal Melbourne. It has been a while since I have attended a Presidents Cup – in fact the last one I did attend was at Royal Melbourne, when the Internationals trounced the US Team
In The SwingBy Clive“Dear Clive,As my downswing accelerates and my hands stay in front of the clubhead, the shaft bends. This will translate into "whip"/increased acceleration, ideally at the moment of impact. Right?So far so good. But, when I hit down and the club face takes a divot, it seems to me that there is a tiny delay. I attribute this delay to the shaft bending again as it encounters the