Helping to protect the environment
by Maki

Learning from traditions – K’aaw K’iihl

This spring, I was asked to teach a Grade Four class how to show respect for the environment. To start them thinking from a new perspective, I brought up a story from the First Nations people about their tradition called “K’aaw K’iihl”. When the Skidegate community in Haida Gwaii attend a feast, they all bring
Small business advice - Should you incorporate ?
by Trev

am frequently asked this question by various individuals who I meet on a
daily basis.  They have a small business that was initially set up as a
sole proprietorship, and they are now considering changing the business
to a corporation.  Is it worth the time to set up?  Could it create
problems?  Is it easy?  How much does it cost?  
Prescribing good health
by Dr. Kartik Shah

New relief for low back pain

There are 3 kinds of people, those who had back ache, those who have back ache, and who will eventually end up having back pain. Considering the intricate muscular, neural and skeletal structure of the human back, it's surprising that more people don't suffer from a daily back ache. The muscles of the back and the bones of
The Importance of Project Planning
by Perry

To achieve life goals

A lot of project management articles talk about how to use the methodology in business, there's nothing wrong with that, but today I'm going to talk about how project management can help you achieve success in your life goals.

How to know you need help?

For the most part, I know when people need help, and I need help, when

Helping to protect the environment
by Maki

Driving Electric

Look at that cool Lotus sports car! Wait, that’s a hybrid?

That was my reaction when I saw the “green” Lotus Evora 414E on its test drive.

This car has an impressive power and acceleration for a hybrid car. Each year car makers are developing more higher-performance electric cars, but existing large, heavy-weight motors do not suit