It's all about you!

You can have the best employees in the world but the reason most clients will start to do business and stay with your business is because of you. This business was your brainchild, is your heart and soul, you who makes or loses one should be more invested in your business than you. But sometimes, it's not just working hard. It's working smart.

For example, you could try to save your business some extra dollars by doing all of the office work yourself. But if you are out in the barn, instead of in the office, you can connect with clients and employees. Checking in with clients may result in additional lessons, training or showing and can certainly result in more revenue for your business than whatever you'll save working in the office. You don't have to hold big parties or give great Christmas gifts. It can be as easy as taking a couple of photos of great moments in a lesson and e-mailing them to the student (or student's parents) later on.

Clients want to be treated "professionally". By dressing appropriately and focusing on your clients' needs, you show that you value the time and money that they are spending on your business.

You can also create goodwill by being approachable when you are away from home. Potential clients frequent the rail to watch how you interact with your students and horses in training. But be sure that potential clients can identify who you are by jackets, saddle pads, etc with logos that are easily readable from a distance. Check with your showing association to see what is allowed.

Try to find high exposure opportunities to which you can donate your time - clinics to benefit a cause, speaking at your breed or show association, etc. The return on your time will be rewarding to your business in terms of good PR and eventually, in dollars of revenue as well.

In the end, EVERY business decision you make (and remember, not making a decision is really making a decision not to act) effects the bottom line of your business. Represent your business well and work smart and you'll get monetary as well as personal satisfaction from your career.