In The Swingby CliveBreaking Putts“Dear Clive, How do I curve my putts like the pros do? When I watch the pros putt, they curve the ball, even when the green doesn't slope. How do I do this too?Rory.”Thanks for your question. Believe me, the last thing any golfer wants to do, tour pros especially, is “curve the ball” on the putting green when it is not supposed to curve. If you see the putt
In The Swingby Clive Ball Position“Hi Clive,I'm just a little confused about ball position in relation to the left foot when using the driver.  I know you have said to use only one ball position, and I get that.  It is my understanding the driver clubhead strikes the ball (as it sits on the tee) on the upswing just past the bottom of the arc as a result of a downward action.   To allow the club
In The Swingby Clive Knees“Dear Clive,I have a bad left knee that will need to be operated on. In the meantime, do you have any advice on how I can put less pressure on my knee when swinging the golf club?  Still working on not using too much right hand which amplifies my mistakes left. Bigger and soft grips have made it easier to have relaxed grip, which is ever so important in my game.As always
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In The Swingby CliveSnap Hook“Clive, Thank you very much for the e book, it is a perfect info piece; I just bought it as part of the package, looking forward to the DVD set. My irons (wedges and long), especially my 4 iron, are getting very good based on hitting down. I tend to hit a great shot and then hook my driver (more like a snap hook). I have had a nasty hook and I am trying to fix it (