I was watching the CNBC report "House of Cards" and was pretty pissed off afterwards thinking about how so many screwed up the lives and businesses of so many others. The legacy of their stupidity continues today.Equally upsetting is there still some who think regulators, investors, banks, and government can fix the problems. Trust the ones who created this mess in the first place.
I have talked a little here and there about why we are in this economic mess on my facebook page on http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vancouver-BC/TJK-Accounting-Services/109191592452228What a lot of people either don't realize or if they do don't think it is a serious problem is that free enterprise and free elections don't exist and big business and ego driven despots control what we buy
With more than 20 years of experience working with a variety of businesses from non profits to legal to retail. Among others.There some with less experience, others with little to no accounting education. Still others who can only work with certain businesses.I am full service accounting for any small or medium sized company. The only 1 you need. Whatever your business I am familiar with.