Wondering why my recent entries have taken such a tone.

Well...let me explain.

The current economic and political environment creating all kinds of problems; not only for myself. There too many who just getting by. I know that not alone in my frustrations. Those who have been chosen to lead us are not being genuine that aware of problems. Also, I am fed up and angry with anyone who attempts
I am not one who allows others to decide what to do, or how to handle a problem.

I only ask for assistance when have no other options.

I am not a 'yes' type. Also, I don't tolerate being blame by someone who is relying on information that is missing too many pieces. Reason why courts don't allow heresay.

I find solutions on my own for 1 reason. Too many times in the past when wait for
Nowadays we need balance. When have bad, must have good to keep us as a society well-balanced. The good to get rid of the bad.

Have too much bad right now. Too many businesses gouging customers with high prices. Too many employees whose performance not adequate. Too many employers expecting their employees to do tasks not capable of accomplishing.

I am about professionalism, and being