In The Swingby CliveAdviceThis past weekend I was at the driving range with my two sons, who are just three and seven years old. I “think” I have done a good job of not pushing them into golf, and responding positively when they ask to go hit balls. In fact, I think there is much greater satisfaction when they ask to go, as opposed to me suggesting it and them agreeing. My three year old is at a
In The Swingby Clive PointsI have managed to keep my mouth shut, and pen quiet, about the FedEx Cup golf playoffs for a year now. But I can no longer. I have always understood what the PGA Tour is trying to do – give a boost to the season after all the major championship trophies have been returned to the trophy case, and, to give additional meaning to the season by creating a playoff run akin to
In The Swingby CliveSplit Grip“CliveThanks for taking my question...I bought your books and DVDs and have enjoyed them greatly...while practicing yesterday, I started out doing the thrust drill and split grip drill with solid contact but when I transitioned to a regular golf swing I hit many of them on the assessment is that once I made a full swing I was pulling the club and sliding