I was contacted recently by someone with Primerica. Once again theyare trying to lure people with financial backgrounds over to becomerepresentatives. I didn't fall for their pitch.I went to a meeting a few years ago being curious. I wasn't impressedwith the orientation presentation or with Primerica. I walked outalong with several others. Started to wonder if the company evergives financial
A few years ago I was contacted by someone recruiting for Primerica. Looking for people with financial backgrounds as reps. At the time I thought would be an interesting experience.However after attending the presentation it wasn't long before I knew I wanted nothing to do with the opportunity. Also I was turned off by the company. It is nothing but a mlm scheme. I doubt they ever do any actual
The auto industry is on their way out. First Chrysler now GM has gone into bankruptcy. The others will follow. Only have themselves to blame. Manipulating people to buy gas guzzling suvs. Now no one can get rid of these vehicles that are nothing more than needless demonstration of status.Next on the chopping block is the corporate giants in media.CTV, CBC, Canwest Global, NBC, CBS, Fox, CNN,