Are you the same person as was 20 years ago ? Quiet or loud ? Popular or loner ? What are you now compared to before.

Did you or do you believe what others say...feel everyone lying ?

How did the events of 9 11 affect you ?

For myself it is a complicated explanation. 9 11 only shocked me; how I saw others react to the disaster.

The person I am now is different because had to change. I
I am sorrowfully disappointed with the poor level of motivation and productivity of so many people.

Some say the economy is improving and workers are more satisfied. Yet when look around see the opposite. May be workers are not satisfied. However must be another reason for the poor motivation and productivity.

Some people come to work only to do the tasks assigned but their hearts not in it.
You have already figured out that I have an interest in sci fi. There are many of us; professionals that own own homes with good jobs or self employed with solid businesses.

Like many writers of sci fi, I am very insightful. I know when something will happen. No...not fortune-telling or predicting the future.

It is knowing(feeling) for what is about to happen. Before you say that is only
I am very short tempered with a variety of people these days. I get upset when dealing with others who don't do a good enough job with their own work then criticize what I do.

I am frustrated with the lack of professionalism and attention to detail from my strata council and property management to some individuals who I work with to my union reps to a few clients of my business.

I don't know
How many really in a celebratory mood on days like Canada Day and 4th of July ?

I'm not. When worrying about the future how can be.

Some will proclaim that we should be fortunate that not living in certain parts of the world. Is there any one better off anywhere ? The only element about the world that is getting smaller is the span of fear.

Fear of terrorism is not entirely what
Wondering why my recent entries have taken such a tone.

Well...let me explain.

The current economic and political environment creating all kinds of problems; not only for myself. There too many who just getting by. I know that not alone in my frustrations. Those who have been chosen to lead us are not being genuine that aware of problems. Also, I am fed up and angry with anyone who attempts
I am not one who allows others to decide what to do, or how to handle a problem.

I only ask for assistance when have no other options.

I am not a 'yes' type. Also, I don't tolerate being blame by someone who is relying on information that is missing too many pieces. Reason why courts don't allow heresay.

I find solutions on my own for 1 reason. Too many times in the past when wait for
Nowadays we need balance. When have bad, must have good to keep us as a society well-balanced. The good to get rid of the bad.

Have too much bad right now. Too many businesses gouging customers with high prices. Too many employees whose performance not adequate. Too many employers expecting their employees to do tasks not capable of accomplishing.

I am about professionalism, and being
The question of when is ok to be independent has been in my thoughts lately.

I am a very independent spirit with the motto: sometimes you yourself the best person to do the job.

On the rare occasion when have to get help, a response that I get is why couldn't do it on own. Also on the rare occasion when make a mistake, don't have to blow the entire matter out of proportion.

I hate mistakes
Some of you may be wondering what the connection is between my bookkeeping service and on-line newsletter. You may not have thought there was a connection.

With At This Time, I look at issues affecting society and explain why occur and what need to do to correct for the better.

As for my business, I analyze a client's records for why heading in the direction going and what can be done to
Something has been bugging me for awhile now.

I am sick and tired of dealing with people who expects me to waste time chit chatting.

My work ethic is very unique. I don't believe in taking 10 minute breaks to catch up on what somone did over the weekend or get up to date in the latest gossip. The reason I work on contract is so can come into an office and focus on what task I need to do that