I came across a new low from Shaw. Shaw is claiming CTV, CBC, and Canwest Global are blowing out of proportion the state of media networks. Well...they and the networks don't realize just how bad it really is. Shaw, Rogers, CTV, Canwest Global have been buying up tv, radio stations, and newspapers eliminating any choice for consumers. A few are dictating what the many should see and hear.
Employment agencies are a great land of wasted time. Recruiters, who clearly have no idea how to satisfy clients, routinely mislead job candidates. It doesn't matter how you try to meet some vague criteria in order to get your resume forwarded. Will never happen; most of the time there was no client to forward a resume in the first place. I am not alone in this conclusion; candidates and
I have been busy rebranding and changing the name of my business. The new site is tjkfinancialaccounting.comFull service provider from day to day to year end. Consolidating 3 jobs into 1.The group on google now:groups.google.com/group/tjk-accounting-services