In The SwingBy CliveWhy Bad Shots Go RightOne of the most common complaints in golf is that, for right-handers, too many shots go to the right. And the most common denominator for a shot leaking to the right is hitting up at the ball.The act of hitting up at a golf ball requires an action that causes the clubhead to deviate from its natural swing path. A proper swing path will see the leading
Mortgages made simplewith BrentMortgage Brokers Undercut Banks!Financial Post – 2012Mortgage brokers are once again undercutting the banks and some are willing to buy down your rate — eating part of their commission in the process — to gain customers.Steep mortgage discounts from the major banks have all but disappeared from the market, leading mortgage brokers to make sacrifices for market share
In The Swingby CliveFace AngleWhat I am about to say may come as a bit of a shock. More so, though, I hope it comes as a pleasant surprise; perhaps even a relief. Too much emphasis is put on keeping the face to the club square at impact. Far too much.The fact is, you can hit a perfectly straight shot with a slightly closed clubface. You can also hit a banana slice with a square one. There are so
In The SwingBy Clive SpeedI become increasingly incensed every time I see a golf product or book claiming a solution for one’s ailing golf swing, with no practice required. Now, there are lots of people out there claiming to have the secret ingredient to the golf swing, and many no doubt have valuable information to contribute. However, if mixed in with their claim is the statement or even
In The SwingBy CliveRelaxToday I want to write about the need to relax when swinging, and what that really means. But first I will digress to a not completely unrelated topic. A short while ago I was watching the annual skills competition for the national hockey league, the main league for professional ice hockey in north America. Their skills competition is a prelude to their annual all-star