In The Swingby CliveAcceleration (Part 2)Today we continue on the issue of acceleration (versus speed) in the golf swing as it pertains to chipping. While this principle of acceleration is not more important in chipping, I think its abuse rears its ugly head more frequently in chipping.  The absolute number two cause of the “duffed” chip shot (number one is trying to hit up or lift the ball) is a
In The Swingby CliveAcceleration (Part 1)Dear Reader: The following question is an important one, and relates to both the full swing and the short game swing. So I have broken my reply into two, with part one appearing this week and part two, relating to the short game aspect, to appear next week. “Dear Clive,I am confused about something.(but it wouldn’t be the first time) connected to swing
In The Swingby CliveDriving DistanceI am the first to downplay the perceived need to drive the ball a long way in order to play good golf. But if you truly feel your game needs more off-the-tee distance let’s at least go about it the right way.There is a very important distinction that needs to be made first of all, and that is between hitting hard and swinging fast. In order to hit the ball a
In The Swingby CliveTournaments“Dear Clive,I am playing in our club championship in a couple of weeks and I was wondering if you had any tips for playing in tournaments? I consider myself a decent player yet I never play tournaments well. John”Dear John,There are lots of things I could say about playing in tournaments, but to me one single piece of advice will have the most effect. Unfortunately