ASPs can assist with business recovery

InsynQ and a community of application service providers (ASPs), managed service providers (MSPs), messaging providers, and software publishers are coming together to offer support and services for businesses effected by Katrina and disasters in the Gulf Coast region.

The truth is that the virtual services offered can help... help businesses re-connect to team members and operations; reach out to customers and vendors. Whether or not data or applications are retrievable, the virtual environment offers the ability for people to collaborate, share information, and communicate - regardless of location - as long as there is connectivity.

Telco and other infrastructure services are slowly recovering in certain areas, and impacted individuals are slowly but surely looking for ways to recover their livelihoods.

We can help. But VISIBILITY is the key. Somehow, we must find those who we can help and connect with them.

InsynQ has created a website where interested parties - those seeking to offer service, as well as those looking for needed service - can participate.