QuickBooks And The Cloud

Businesses are now able to take broad advantage of Web-based application services and the features they can deliver without compromise to their choice of accounting and financial management system. Extending access to operational, sales, service, and other users within the enterprise has become a simple and seamless operation. For example, a business that needs to extend it's QuickBooks Enterprise system to accommodate multiple inventory or warehouse locations can do so easily by simply plugging in the Warehouse Management ES solution. This solution, actually developed and delivered by AccuCode, is a SaaS (software as a service) application which not only provides functionality for multiple warehouse management, but is designed as an anytime, anywhere application to allow those multiple locations to access the system when they need to.

Consider how beneficial it would be to businesses who elect to take advantage of the Web for them to be able to run their QuickBooks (feature-rich desktop QuickBooks) in an anytime, anywhere sort of environment, as well. With InsynQ's hosting services for QuickBooks Pro, Premier, and Enterprise, organizations are able to have their QuickBooks financial applications managed, protected, secured, and made available to users all the time and from any location. The hosting service also supports many integrations and extensions for QuickBooks - for both desktop and Web-based applications and services. And, with InsynQ's ability to provide authorized subscription licensing for both QuickBooks and Microsoft Office, a business can have a complete, outsourced IT solution and pay only monthly service fees to get it. No upfront expense of purchasing software. No installation or system management to worry about. The QuickBooks financials, as well as the solutions it connects to, are connected in the cloud.