Small Business Accounting Systems

You're beyond the paper and list-keeping stage. Thankfully, your business has grown to a point where you know you will have at least weekly income and expenses. Soon it will be daily. It's already starting to get hard to do your accounting manually and it will only get worse. What do you want to spend the majority of your business day on - accounting for your business, or running it? That's a no-brainer! You need to be making an income for you and your family!
Now it's time to buy that accounting system you've been thinking about. Make it something that doesn't take a CPA to understand, is easy to operate and doesn't take up all your valuable time to set up. Think about these things before you buy:
* If you have employees, you may need a payroll function
* Do you need to track inventory? What method do you use?
* Will the software exchange files with your bank?
* Do you have, or will you need, a tax prep package?
* Are there any unusual accounting requirements for your company or industry?
There are several good packages out there for the new businessperson who is not an accountant. It is important to note that these packages don't replace the need for a business to seek the assistance of an accountant! In fact many businesses require an outside audit. These software packages will NOT replace that cost, but may help alleviate it by providing the accountant with easy-to-follow record keeping!
These are some good software packages that are readily available. Look them up, compare price and features and see which one best fits your needs on paper. These all have a free trial period, but try to make as good a choice as possible before embarking on that free trial. After all, it takes a while to set up any accounting system and you'd much rather do it only once! That said, the free trials are a valuable way to assure yourself that the accounting software will meet your needs before spending your hard-earned cash. Definitely take advantage. And if the package falls short, try another with your newly adjusted requirements in mind.
Here are the best-rated packages available:
* Peachtree Software is a full-featured accounting system that comes in various "flavors" for specific industries.
* Quickbooks is made by the same people as Quicken and has some of the same look and feel. It's a good beginning accounting software.
* Simply Accounting is another good beginners' choice.
* MYOB Plus is a full-featured accounting software that has a Mac version with an especially good reputation.
* Microsoft Small Business Accounting integrates with your current Office products and gives you a similar look and feel, which could shorten the learning curve.